Colleen M. McClure Attorney at Law
Colleen M. McClure Attorney at Law

Legal Services

Colleen M. McClure - Attorney at Law handles:


Mrs. McClure has many years experience helping clients with the following areas of legal practice. She believes every case and every client is a personal endeavor to provide a high level of legal knowledge and help to achieve the best possible outcome.




 * general civil litigation

 * mortgage

 * real estate

 * family law

 * criminal law

 * personal injury

 * land lord tenant

 * home owner's association

 * contracts

 * evictions

 * foreclosures

 * debt collection

 * probate

 * wills and trusts



We work closely and diligently with all mortgage institutions including the Office of The Chief Exective Officer for Bank of America, Chase  in resolving mortgage related issues.


Please call us to discuss your personal situation se we can tell you how we can help!


We are a Christian law based law firm.



We accept Mastercard and Visa.   Please contact us to discuss your payment options as payment plans are available depending on the case and certain circumstances.   Each case is evalutated and discussed with the client as to the payment options. 




Colleen M. McClure Attorney at Law


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