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 Colleen M. McClure Attorney at Law  

Customer Testimonials

"I thank Colleen for working so hard to get my modification completed.   She keep my family and me in our home!"  2012 Jose


"After spending money on previous atty's I was referred to Colleen. I had met her intially on a recomendation from a friend but thought that an Atty. from the area the case was tied to would be a better fit.   This was not true, and soon after securing her representation all facts and circumstances were brought to light as I had represented to the police and my previous atty. While being offered a lenghty probation and pleading guilty to something I was innocent of was of no interest to me.
It's infortunate to assume this type of expense and I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who don't have access to or can't afford excellent atty's. I felt extremely vindicated and have moved away from " it doesn't matter what the truth is, how much can you afford in representation". I will state my expenses were not anything like the reward I felt when she called me to update me on the status of my case...." Russ



"she is great stayed on top of everything. kept me cool when i didnt think things were going my way. in the end bam the way i wanted it THANK YOU VERY MUCH," Richard G. 2/22/2014

"above and beyound a lawyer she has heart and soul", Patricia 1/19/15

"Hands down the best thing to happen to me this year was finding this website and retaining Colleen McClure. You don't often find an attorney with morals but Colleen is a true Christian woman. After paying 2 previous attorneys who took my money and produced no results without care Colleen was a God send. She set up a flat rate fee and knew the law better than both the previous attorneys. I recommend this attorney to anyone who is fighting a just cause and needs the best representation with a trustworthy attorney who will care about you."  Kathy M. 9/19/14


I could not be happier with the assistance I received from Colleen. She took the time to listen to my problem, kept in contact with me every step of the way and resolved my issue quickly and as painless as possible. She will be the the first person I reach out to in the event I need another attorney!Posted by Holly


"Sheila you already know this but your boss was incredible Friday.  The Judge let everyone know he was pleased with the way Colleen presented her documents.  I was so proud when he said that of Colleenand when we went infront of the judge well versed, well spoken.   SHES THE BEST LAWYER EVER!!!!!"   Rusty H. 8/23/16

Calm, clear and concise. Knowledgeable and caring. Using her God given talent in the right field of work. Unflappable and hard working. Humble enough to ask for help when needed. Great attorney.

Colleen is by far the best attorney I have had the privilege to work with! She is fast to respond, always completes things timely and is great for advice. I have owned my business for 8 years and I don’t know what I would do without her legal counsel on our projects! Your in great hands when choosing Colleen to represent you, your family and your business!



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