Colleen M. McClure Attorney at Law
Colleen M. McClure Attorney at Law

          COLLEEN M. MCCLURE                 



I am a Christian Attorney with over 29 years experience in many areas of law.  I diligently work to take care of my client's cases that have been entrusted to me.   At my office, in Houston and now in Austin, the client always comes first.  My staff and I constantly strive to exceed your expectations!


I handle legal matters in various areas including:


 >   Family Law

 >   Personal Injury

 >   Criminal

 >   Real Estate

 >   HOA issues

 >   Mortgage Issues

 >   Contracts

 >   Probate, Wills and Trusts

 >   Debt Collection

 >   Landlord Tennat Issues

 >   Chapter 7 Bankrupties


If you require assistance, I am ready to provide you with knowledgeable, professional, expert guidance.


Mark 11:22 "Have faith of God"  1599 Geneva Bible


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